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BGI UB and BGI NPC Project


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Oh dear. ;) I already asked pretty much the same question in the SCS forum, but I realise that it would be pretty relevant to ask it here too. Sorry... here goes.


Ascension64 is currently working on a Tutu version of PPG BGI Unfinished Business. While still in beta, it looks pretty good. Would anyone know if it would be compatible with the BGI NPC Project?


Thank you.



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On BGT too - though I have no idea how people are getting thier hands on a BG1UB for BGT. I can't find it. But apparently there is one, because some folks have managed to put BG1UB before BG1 NPC and after ROT, and Kagain's Quest becomes a scambled eggs on liverwurst and smelly sock sandwich, with a side order of Infinite Loop.

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Yep, I installed BG1 UB before BG1 NPC latest internal, too.


When you install BG1 UB, look at the components. If you see familiar names of BG1 NPCs - Branwen, Kivan, Kagain, Coran, Shar-Teel - skip these components in BG1 UB at once. Other than that, they work perfectly together.

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Just to note.


Ive played BG1NPC (latest internal beta) and BG1UB beta for BGT-Weidu and they all work like a charm, so... yes, they are compatible and so on ;)


Hope it helps (someone) ;)


Oooh, it helps me! I didn't know there was a BG1UB for BGT! Well, I'll definitely be including that in my next build. Quickie thread hijack... where do you put it? After BG1NPC but before the BG2 mods?

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I really, really would appreciate a link, too - some folks are instaling Kagain in UB and then BG1 NPC, and I need to set up code to stop them installing BG1 NPC with that component of BG1UB installed. Ascension64 has put code to stop those components from installing on top of BG1 NPC, so that there will be no conflicts; i need to do the same so that if soeone doesn't do the research and installs all of BG1UB they get stopped before Kagain goes wonky...

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Cool - rechecking and testing code against flagging.


I strongly, strongly suggest placing BG1 NPC before this mod on any platform. I don't see a good way to get the opposite to happen, but I will put it on the priority list again to try to see how tomake it work that way.


It may mean more .tra changes (again, blast itto heck and back... aaaaarrrrrgh!!!!!!)

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I haven't forgotten, Immortality - it is just that as we fix and change things, some of the stuff gest changed in .tra and I don't want to waste you international translation folk's time and energy ;). I will say that the vast majority of project files remain the same (minor punctuation or spelling stuff does not have effect on translation, and some of the "new" files are old files (especially the ones that say _tmp) with changes in variables and soundset information but not the actual translation f the line. So the work done so far is not wasted, but your job becomes tougher as you have to swap things around. I am holding off on the diff file of .tra chanes until we resolve this and one other issue, and then I am pretty sure everything will be ok. At the latest, the G3 Anniversary will have a finalized version and a translation package available.

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