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Planar Sphere - iron golem and MR


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Edwin succesffuly cast Lower Resistance 3x on the iron golem in the planar sphere, but the golem keeps saving against Edwin's Chroamtic Orbs. The golem can't get through the doorway, so I was hoping to pick him off in this way. I recall reading once that if you successfully cast Lower Resistance on golems three times their Magic Resistance is removed completely. But maybe that's wrong. Anyway, how many times would I have to cast Lower Resistance on the critter for Chromatic Orb to work? Edwin is level 10 now so his Chromatic Orbs should carry a chance of petrifying the target.


Also, Slay Living doesn't seem to work either, even after having successfuly cast Lower Resistance on the golem something like 8x.

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Magic resistance is separate from saving throws. Even with MR gone, iron golems have saves in the 3-6 range. Given a target's +6 save bonus vs. Chromatic Orb, you're only petrifying the golem on a critical save fail (1 in 20). The damage, OTOH, doesn't have a save and should be working.

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They may have a built in immunity to petrification. I think the Chromatic Orb petrification effect is technically a "Flesh to Stone" and since golems aren't flesh...



By the same token, Slay Living shouldn't work on them either, just like it wouldn't on an undead.

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