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How do the romances work?


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I am brand new to IWD2 and for my first run I of course had to install this mod! I really like the characters so far and want to try the romance/s with Rizdaer and Jamael. Anyway no dialogs for romance come up on their own. From the Readme am I reading right to have to just play for awhile and then hit the P key once in awhile? Is that how I am supposed to do it or do I just have to be further than I am and be patient that the dialogs will come up on their own?

Really sorry if I'm being dumb. For a game that is supposed to be the BG2 engine I am having a bit of a time figuring it out. ;)

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Oh thank you both so much! I don't know about AI I'll have to check the little booklet with the game. I've never played this before and the party icons don't look like BG2 so I am confused. I also don't know how to select the entire party so I guess I should play around with the icons more.

I didn't know you could hit P until you exhaust options. I was afraid to do that in case I would inadverdently rush the romances too much and then have a lot of game left with no romance or conversations.

I honestly did try to check through this thread to see if anyone else had similar question as I do and didn't find anything pertinent. So thank you for helping. : )

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At the bottom right corner of the screen is a circle divided into six parts, I believe. Outside the circle, in the corners, there are four little buttons. One of them has a rectangle on it that you use to select the group. Another has a picture of a human head in profile. That is the one that turns on party AI.


Hope that helps.

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Basically, the P key is there to make things easier, and it's completely valid. A more 'natural' way to get the dialogues flowing is to rest a bit more often, as the timers are not real playing time, but 'game' time. Hope that helps!

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