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IWD Tweaks v7 bugs


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Two bugs so far:

  • Italian translation is incomplete
  • The Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Armor component may not adjust all item descriptions as it should. Basically it should be loading a library so that it can make the description changes, but it's not--but it'll still work if another component being installed has loaded the library already (i.e. Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P).

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Hi Folks,


first of all: I was really surprised and delighted that there are still people spending there time to improve one of the best games ever. So: Thank you very much!


Regarding a potential (!) bug: As I understood the readme file the weapon animation tweak should change the appearance of morningstars to maces, right? But in my case the chars using morningstars still carry these stick-chain-ball-things, at least in the game screen. The ragdolls on the inventory screen are wearing mace-like weapons. Maybe I misunderstood the term "weapon animation"?


Thanks in advance


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Weapon animation refers to how a weapon behaves in the game not how it looks. You can't use a mage to thrust like a sword. The same with a spear, you can't swing it like an axe. Each weapon should be used in a certain way.

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Guest fkirenicus



Great pack, but am a little confused...


I have G3 Tweak Pack and AB installed (they ARE compatible, right...?). I removed the Ease-of-Use as I understood that is NOT compatible.


Now, there is a component that should install Bags of Holding - but it seems not to do so...?

I think the ammo belt shows up fine in Conlan's store, but neither Orrick nor Bandoth appears to have Bags of Holding...


Maybe AB files mess this up? As I've said, I understand that the EoU-pack and AB are incompatible, but have not read anything about that G3 Tweak Pack and AB are so.


-Frank K-

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AB and Tweaks are definitely not compatible. Unless you only install Grog's fixes. But the core AB files modify the game too much to be compatible with tweaks. They add new items in stores, spells and modify certain areas of the game. Stores from AB and Tweaks are different.

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Guest fkirenicus
Yeah,. there's no reason they shouldn't be. Install Tweaks after AB, though.


Well, I got it working by uninstalling AB, making back-ups of the files I wanted from G3 Tweaks, installing AB and retrieving the G3 Tweak files I had backed up.

Before starting a new game, I'll follow your suggestion, though, Cam... :-)





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Hmm... Grog does in fact state that AB is compatible with G3:




Old version of G3. His post is from 2005. At that time G3 was basically just tweaks taken from BG1&2 version (it still has those), like Weapon Animation tweaks or force all dialogues to pause (the most useless component for IWD, since all dialogues are already on pause). The current version modifies certain areas and stores and this comes in conflict with AB.

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