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iwd2: fatigue in CRE structure


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I didn't found, but i mentioned in a thread the location of the intoxication field.

There is also a field: fatigue, which is right before the intox and luck fields.

Actually, i think there is also a turn undead level field, but i'm not sure in that.


Here is the relevant part of DLTCEP's struct.h:


  char resmdam;							
 unsigned char unknown61[4];
 unsigned char fatigue;
 unsigned char intox;
 char luck;
 unsigned char turnundead;
 unsigned char unknown69[33];
 unsigned char totlevel;

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There is a little mixup in the v2.2 creature structure (on iesdp):


0x0294 8 (resref) Creature script - Movement Script

0x029c 4 (byte) Unknown

0x02a0 42 (byte) Unknown

0x02ca 32 (char array) Unknown

0x02a0 5x2 (word) 'Internals' - as used by SetInternal

0x02aa 32 (byte) Unknown

0x02ca 32 (char array) 2nd Script Name

0x02ea 2 (word) Unknown


You forgot to remove the unknowns.

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In all inventory item entries (for example: CRE V2.2 Items Table):


0x0000 8 (resref) Resource name of the ITM file holding the particular item

0x0008 2 (word) Unknown

0x000a 2 (word) Usage1 - often the count of the item (stack), or the number of uses remaining.

0x000c 2 (word) Usage2

0x000e 2 (word) Usage3


The unknown field is an item expiration number. (IIRC hours).

This is used so summoned items vanish in time, even when passed along, dropped, put in bags, etc.

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The turn undead level field is what the turn undead level stat reports (when using checkstat).

At least iwd2 has setstat action, that's how i found it.


I think fatigue would be usable from character editors. But well, which NPC would have fatigue meaningfully. Even intoxication is invisible.

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Oh cool, okay.


I bet Rage implements fatigue differently.


I'll try letting my party hang around for a long time and see if that field is used to mark fatigue. It seems like it should be.


What does the turn-undead field mean? Is this the effective level of turning for the PC, or the level of turning difficulty for the CRE?


I was looking into this because some monsters have a "turn resistance" in the 3E rules. I don't think this was implemented in IWD2 (I think they may have just pumped up the undead's level).

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