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The IESDP has (finally) been updated again. As usual, there are probably some errors, either in offsets, spelling, links etc. Please point them out here, and I'll fix them in the next update (which should be within a month, as there is still lots of stuff to add!).


Finally, I'd just like to say thanks to the IESDP contributors, it's great to still learn new things about this crazy engine.

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I thought this will make it into this batch of updates:

(cre v2.2)


0x029c 1 (byte) Hidden

0x029d 1 (byte) Death var used

0x029e 1 (byte) Kill count used

0x029f 1 (byte) Unknown

0x02a0 5x2 (word) 'Internals' - as used by SetInternal

0x02aa 32 (char array) 2nd Script Name

0x02ca 32 (char array) 3rd Script Name

0x02ea 2 (word) Unknown

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I found a problem with this when creating code for me to change the orientation of the party (i.e. the direction of the entrance) when entering certain areas.


The quote is taken from the IESDP's ARE File Format page

V1.0 Entrances


Offset Size (data type) Description

0x0000 32 (char array) Name of this entrance -- as referenced by exits which lead to this entrance (specified in the source area's Info points, trigger points, and exits section.

0x0020 4 (point) The "location" of this entrance -- when you enter the area via this entrance, where does your party actually appear?

0x0024 2 (word) The direction of the entrance

0x0026 62 (bytes) Unknown, unused.

Here is the problem: The total size of this block is wrong. I used a scientific calculator to determine that 0x0026 = 38. So total size should be 38 + 62 which equals 100. When I used 100 as the block size, I could only read the very first entrance. It took some trial and error, but I found that the correct block size is 104. So the last line 0x0026 62 (bytes) Unknown, unused. should read instead 0x0026 66 (bytes) Unknown, unused..
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