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IWD2: creature area flag


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'Creature area flag' is how IWD2 calls the field I called 'multi class flag'. This bitfield contains stuff like past multi classes, or fallen status, or exportable bit, etc.

IWD2 uses the high bits for a lot more stuff like:


0x00008000 ENABLED - no idea

0x00010000 HAS_SEEN_PARTY - talked with party at least once, or just seen a teammember?

0x00020000 INVULNERABLE - probably same as minhp 1000

0x00040000 NON_THREATING_ENEMY - won't attack?

0x00080000 NO_TALK - won't talk?

0x00100000 IGNORE_RETURN_TO_START_POS - won't be moved to start position when party rests

0x00200000 IGNORE_AI_INHIBIT - probably enable offscreen AI a la iwd2


The ENABLED bit clashes with BG2's BeenInParty flag.


There is an action: SetCreatureAreaFlag

and a trigger: IsCreatureAreaFlag


Those give you full control over the bits, including the multi class/fallen bits.

I think various funny stuff could happen if you tamper with them.

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