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Difficulty Mod Adjectives


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I've been working on a few difficulty/tactical mods. After looking at various other mods, I've noticed a wide variety of adjectives are used to describe components. For my mod, I'd like to keep a consistent naming scheme.


Is there any standardization on what each adjective entails? I was wondering what each person thought each adjective means in the sense of the Infinity Engine.




-Slightly Improved

-Slightly Tougher






To start things off, this is what each descriptor means to me personally:

-Improved: "Cheese" category. Monsters gain significant new abilities and scripts that make the encounter significantly more difficult. The character's levels may be adjusted or increased and given new items. Unrealistic changes often occur, increased XP rewards are often justified (Improved Anvil, Improved Ilyich, Improved Sahuagin City)


-Slightly Improved: As above, but the relative power level does not drastically change. Realism is preserved (Slightly Improved Ilyich, Improved Mae'var, Improved Crypt King)


-Smarter: These mods should generally be about better AI scripts. Generally, new abilities should be minimal. (Sword Coast Stratagems Smarter Mages, Xyx's Beholders)


I'm not sure when to use Tougher or Enhanced. Anyway, those are just my opinions, I'm interested in hearing others'. I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I was unable to find anything while searching.

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Pretty much the same as you.


Tougher = I probably won't be able to handle it


Enhanced = there might actually be some new content. Examples: enhanced Reynard encounter of Quest Pack, enhanced shadow theives content, enhanced Oasis encounter

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Personally, I'd lump "Tougher" in with "Improved", though I'd probably consider it more extreme. "Enhanced" I'd agree with Berelinde, in that it probably includes new content.


But in the end, you'd probably have to look into each mod to tell exactly what the maker means.

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