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Alternative installation method?

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I've been playing BG2 (with ToB installed) in Linux without many problems till now. I've been happily using cedega/winex.


Yesterday I tried to install the fixpack, executing the exe with cedega too, but after the files were uncompressed, the window hung, and I had to kill it. After that, I could not start the game anymore. :-(


Is there a way to install the fixpack without the executable? I can install baldurdash OK, and if understood properly, this only overwrites some files in 'override'. I've found another topic in which something about weidu for linux is mentioned. But this confuses me a lot, because it seems to be a tool for those writing the fixes/mods, not just to unpack them, isn't it? :)


Well, thanks in advance from this newbie. :)

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(uninstall and reinstall all of BG2, then) install unrar (`sudo apt-get install unrar' if you're on Ubuntu); use `unrar x' to unpack the mod; copy WeiDU, WeInstall and tolower from the WeiDU Linux distribution to your E.G. /usr/local/bin directory, cd to your BG2 directory, run `tolower' and say yes to both questions, and finally run `WeInstall bg2fixpack' to install the mod.

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Thanks for the fast reply. :) I forgot to say that I already reinstalled all properly: SoA, ToB, and latest ToB patch from Bioware.


I copied and unpacked both WeiDU and the fixpack to /tmp, and I set PATH to /tmp/WeiDU-Linux (so I could avoid copying to /usr/local/bin).


Then I changed the directory, and ran tolower. All seems OK. But I ran "WeInstall /tmp/bg2fixpack/" (from the installation directory), and I had this error:


[WeiDU] WeiDU version 200
WARNING: unable to open log file [setup-/tmp/bg2fixpack/.debug]: Sys_error("setup-/tmp/bg2fixpack/.debug: No such file or directory")[./chitin.key] 182 BIFFs, 41793 resources
[./dialog.tlk] 74107 string entries
[WeiDU] Using scripting style "BG"
[dialog.tlk] claims to be writeable.
[dialog.tlk] claims to be a regular file.
WARNING: parsing log [WeiDU.log]: Sys_error("weidu.log: No such file or directory")

Press ENTER to exit.


I guess that I should had run WeInstall with the fixpack directory in another location, isn't it? May I run again the program, or I have to reinstall and repeat?


Thanks a lot!


PS: I didn't knew that unrar could unpack exe files!

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your mod files need to be in your BG2 directory (make sure you tolower both in your BG2 installation and the mod directory). The command to run is `weinstall bg2fixpack', not `weinstall path/to/some/file' - it'll automatically figure it out from a list of possibilities, and it needs the mod name for other purposes as well.

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