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Beta version 2

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Sorry for the delay - version 2 of the beta is now posted at




If beta testers could (when it's convenient) upgrade, that would be great. Obviously there's no need to start a new game! It's probably best if you uninstall version 1, delete it, unzip version 2 and then install again, though probably nothing disastrous will happen if you don't.


There are a couple of components in beta 2 that weren't quite ready for beta 1. One of them makes your party immune to permanent death (that only works if you start a new game, though, and anyway I've tested it fairly thoroughly). The other component modifies the AI of the Ascension enemies to be SCS II style. I'd very much appreciate someone testing that (when you get to ToB) but only test it if you've already completed the "original" Ascension and know what it's like.


The Readme of the new version is still not quite complete but it's a lot more detailed than the old one.

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