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Kelsey-Xan, Keto-Xan


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{Jason is responsible for the good bits.}







// SOA


// 1.




Xan: ~As if our leader's knack for getting into trouble was not enough, the disaster follows us around like a stray dog that won't go home.~

Kelsey: ~Oh. So, you are in your element again. I thought you were feeling better just now.~

Xan: ~We are about to die, you know. This sort of thing is not exactly spirit-raising.~

Kelsey: ~Speaking of spirits, have you ever considered taking up drinking as an attitude-adjuster? My father had a few cases of elven wine I doubt anybody else knows about. I could get you a discount.~

Xan: ~Last time I shared a bottle of Elverquisst with a friend, it was... (gulp) Suffice is to say I neither remember much of that night, nor do I wish to.~

Kelsey: ~Ah, so it was one of *those* times.~

Xan: ~Precisely.~

Kelsey: ~So, no sale, then.~

Xan: ~Not until I am tired of life.~


// 2.



Global("O#XanRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1), scripted after, say, two hours


Kelsey: ~Xan, don't you ever want to enjoy life?~

Xan: ~The way you enjoy it? Spending every hour clinging at her elbow?~

Kelsey: ~What does my friendship with <CHARNAME> have to do with anything?~

Xan: ~Everything. You are distracting her at every opportunity, when our

situation calls for concentration - it's a miracle we are still alive.~

Kelsey: ~Distracting? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

<CHARNAME> was smiling after our last conversation, Xan.~

Kelsey: ~She needs her friends to support her, not to shower her with doom and


Xan: ~And you, of course, know exactly what is good for her.~





Global("O#XanRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1), two hours after a)


Xan: ~No snide remarks? No interruptions? Why, Kelsey, I am surprised.

You are more decent than I thought you to be.~

Kelsey: ~Maybe. But if you expect me to grin and bear it, you are in for

a disappointment, Xan. One can listen only to so many ballads of woe.~

Xan: ~I wouldn't worry, if I were you. Your efforts - your touching

concern, your little gifts, your stares, your compliments - will be

rewarded eventually, I am sure.~

Kelsey: ~If you are sure, why don't you quietly step aside now? ~

Xan: ~For the same reason you won't: there isn't anyone quite like



// 3.




Kelsey: ~Xan, do you know many elven sorcerers?~

Xan: ~A fair few. What is it you wish to know?~

Kelsey: ~Well... everything. For one, how do they cope with their abilities? Is sorcery frowned upon in elven society, or... ?~

Xan: ~It is a gift among the elves, yes. Young sorcerers are recognized very early in life, so the child starts harnessing his powers as soon as he or she is able to talk. And once the children are old enough, they are sent to the Academy of Magic.~

Kelsey: ~That is... great to hear, I guess. I wish some elven sage

passed my house by twenty years ago. Perhaps things would be different.~

Xan: ~(sigh) It wouldn't have helped. Humans have little respect for innate magic. Your family would have been wary; your neighbors would have started whispering earlier.~

Kelsey: ~Maybe. But then I wouldn't have been alone. I could persuade my

parents to send me somewhere to study, to meet more people like Bryan.~

Xan: ~... and in the end, you would simply die earlier.~


// TOB


AR4500, scripted, Cespenar is present(not silent, not dead as per Ding0's tweak).


Xan: ~That imp took a liking to you. He is following you all over the place.~

Kelsey: ~Cespenar? I like the little fellow, too.~

Xan: ~Why is it, do you think, that of all who follow <CHARNAME>, he has chosen you? You do not have any demon blood, do you?~

Kelsey: ~Gods, no. He's simply been lonely for a long time. He'd eat from <CHARNAME>'s hand if <PRO_HESHE> tried.~

Xan: ~Fair enough.~

Xan: ~Wait... you said that with a lot of conviction. Have you been feeding him?~

Kelsey: ~What? Me? No, never. I mean, not at all. What?~

Cespenar: ~Hey! Why do you put away Cespenar's juicy jerky?~








// SOA


// 1.




Xan: ~(sigh) I do find it disturbing.~

Keto: ~Find what disturbing, Xan?~

Xan: ~Every time I look at you, I think of kobolds. Again and again.~

Keto: ~That's possibly the most unromantic thing I remember ever being said to me. Congratulations.~

Xan: ~I - I am sorry. But, Seldarine, this is impossible! First the kobolds in the Nashkel mines, then the kobolds around Beregost, then the ones in the Firewine ruins, then here, in the sewers -~

Keto: ~Okay, okay. Got it.~

Xan: ~- and then we enter a peaceful tavern, and what do I hear? Kobolds again. It is a curse.~

Keto: ~Well... bad luck?~

Xan: ~Apparently. I suppose I should be thankful it was kobolds, not liches. Though, knowing my bad luck, next time liches it will be.~

Keto: ~And what a story it will make! "Xan: One Man With a Lich Plan!"~


// 2.




Keto: ~Xan, are you well-versed in elven lore?~

Xan: ~I shall try to be of help, if I can. What is it?~

Keto: ~I was musing if the story of Ael was true. Listen.~

Keto: ~It is said that elven bards rarely sing before humans. But one bard disregarded the customs of his kin, and descended from the treetops to sing for anyone who would listen. Ael was the name he took.~

Keto: ~One day, he came across a small village. Through the window, he saw a young man and a woman, sitting at an empty table. The house looked poor, but their faces were happier than those of his kin back home.~

Keto: ~They were newlyweds, they told him, but they did not have money even for a decent meal. But his eyes shone with mirth as he drew the table aside and exclaimed: "Today, you will have the best meal in the Realms! Go, and tell your neighbours that Ael will sing at your wedding!"~

Keto: ~Aye, and they did. That evening, people from the whole village came to hear Ael himself singing for the couple, and none came empty-handed. He sang of sun and stars, of honor and travesty, of love and sacrifice, and when he finished, not a single pair of eyes was dry.~

Keto: ~He passed his hat around, and before long, it was filled to the brim with gold and silver. The door creaked, and soon the pair was left alone with a heap of coins on the table.~

Keto: ~The next day, a local minstrel was passing by through the village. When he was told about the celebration, he cried: "But Ael was buried nigh a month ago!"~

Keto: ~"Richer than rich, he could have become. But he had just a torn shirt and two gold pieces in his pocket when they buried him, for he only sang in the name of beauty, and love. And perhaps, in the end, he was indeed richer than rich..."~

Xan: ~A... a good story, Keto. But, no questions. I don't have the answers you seek.~

Keto: ~Are... are you crying?~

Xan: ~Me? Ah... no. Of course not. Why should I? It is just another story of a doomed man. We'll be dead soon, much as he.~


// 3.




Xan: ~Seldarine, what is this smell? Oh, no... Keto, do not tell me you have been drinking again.~

Keto: ~I would never tell you something you already know.~

Xan: ~The aroma is ruining my concentration.~

Keto: ~Sorry 'bout that. Want some?~

Xan: ~No, thank you.~

Xan: ~How do you even hope to take aim, let alone chant an incantation?~

Keto: ~Who was it who said, "If we are doomed to fail, could we at least do it a little faster?" Think of me as just rushing things along!~

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I'll see if I can code it(and Kivan-Tiax stuff) soonish; as I recall, I sent coded Amber-Xan/Tiax-Xan/Kivan-Xan to Grim already.


If I do code everything, I'll email it to berelinde/Liam/Grim pronto - and I'll really appreciate the opportunity to test this stuff in the version before it is released.

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Yeah, you have. :) If you just PM the coded material to me, I'll include it. They look great!


I'll send you a PM with a link to the beta version when it's ready. Shouldn't be too long now, planning on spending a few solid days coding everything up, though there are some pieces I'll need to research; won't be more than 2 weeks, as I have a few other deadlines to meet as well.

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