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I changed a robe to use the Chain Mail avatar (3A), and the character then 'chinks' when moving. Is there a way for my character to look like a monk/chain mail fighter avatar without the clanking (and be able to dual wield)? Thanks.

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Well, if there are missing dual wielding animations, then you got a lot of work to do.

You can change the look of a character by 0x35 (Animation Change).


The animation IDs are here:




So, theoretically it is possible to have a chain mail which changes your character's look to a monk (even honoring the gender by using IDS targeting).

But, you'll probably need to create the dual wielding weapons and avatar animations, and even then, the animation scheme might not work correctly.

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Ok, i tested this.

As long as you don't modify the class to monk, you are ok.


Also, it would look somewhat odd if you put that robe on a dwarf :)



I've made it too.

It works almost correctly.

Except when changing tha animations, the offhand weapon disappears from the inventory paperdoll.

This is just a graphical glitch of the engine.

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Thanks for your help Avenger, but I (OP) was just wondering if there was a way to remove the chainmail sound when your inventory icon is set to 3A.

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