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Jaheira bug


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I am playing a betatest BGT session starting from SoA and I have Jaheira in my party. As soon as she sees the body of Khalid in Irenicus Dungeon she says: "Ka...Kalid" (or something like that) and just afterwards, she starts the dialogue of when you dismiss her from the party saying that she questions our judgement and that she's going to wait in Athkatla.


Now, I don't know if RE might have anything to do with it but in my installation, I have both BG1 NPC (latest internal release) and Romantic Encounters.


Might you have any clue about what's happening?




P.S. Unfortunately uninstalling is not an option...

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I have read something like this in BGT forum not long ago. Please, try searching in BGT forum - I think you'll find it very soon. If not, post your problem there. RE was designed for BG2 with or without ToB, and while I believe it is functional with BGT installed, I would not venture to do any troubleshooting for this case.


With RE, we have Jaheira's reactions to Ribald(female PC), Ada, Bodhi, Busya, Chanelle, Ilona, Sheri and Solaufein scripted into her bcs file. I don't think these should influence your situation in Irenicus' dungeon anyhow, however - the relevant variables are not set.


Do you have Virtue installed? If you do, check that it is installed last.

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Thank you for the tip, Kulyok! :)


You were right! I had even stupidly joined in that thread about bugs and forgot about it. Another user has had my same identical problem, it seems...


Hope I can soon resume my betatest session, ready to report anything that might be related to RE (hopefully no more false alarms like this one)...

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