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Insect Plague and SCS II protections against it


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I have no druid in my party, and won't for this playtest... But I see from the spell description that there is no saving throw for Insect Plague and that it causes 100% failure rate. This spell takes enemy spellcasters out of the equation in the vanilla game. In a modded game, though, I would think there might be a way to prevent it fom getting through... Would Spell Deflection or Spell Immunity (Conjuration/Summoning) prevent Insect Plague from succeeding?

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It's pretty damn good even in SCS II. I'm open to suggestions as to how to block it, but so far I've got:


- sequencers / triggers / scrolls / wands / contingencies still function when it's in effect (as I write this, I realise I'm not quite 100% certain that sequencers are supposed to, but they certainly do for enemy wizards in SCSII and in the vanilla game)


- liches and rakshasas are immune to L1-5 spells (and so in particular to Insect Plague)


- L18+ mages quite like putting Spell Immunity: Conjuration into their Chain Contingencies.

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At caster level 20 the spell Magic Resistance confers 40% resistance to all magic. So if the insects summoned are magically conjured it should offer decent protection. If however existing insects in the surround are simply called by the druid to help out, i.e., they are not magically created, then it should not. (Although in that case you'd think the spell should always carry a significant chance of failure since there might not be an insect hive close enough nearby to aid the druid.)


The priest spell Shield of the Archons looks like it should also protect against Insect Plague.


The wizard spell Spell Trap should prevent Summon Insects, Insect Plague, and Creeping Doom.


While there is a saving throw vs. Creeping Doom (L7 spell) that spell also induces 100% spell failure. Targets can save vs. breath weapons at a -2 penalty, and when successful it protects for half the duration of the spell. So enemies that have a high resistance to breath weapons are safer from it. Enemies who have high resistance to breath weapons will also be better protected from Summon Insects.


Some of these protections spells note that the spell must be cast directly upon the target to work. Theoretically a way around this is to cast the spell upon a nearby enemy that has no protections against it, and let it spread to the intended target. Summon Insects affects a 30 ft radius around the target creature (the target can save vs. breath weapons at a -4 penalty; when successful it causes 50% spell failure). Insect Plague spreads to next closest enemies up to a total of 6 enemies affected, apparently regardless of distance. Creeping Doom is an AoE spell that affects all enemies within an 80 yard radius.


The manual is unreliable as we know, it's full of inaccuracies. Just pointing it out.

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Summon Insects can be countered in AD&D by thick smoke or hot flames, also Summon Insects is a channeled spell, and if the caster moves or is interupted, the spell dissipates.


Insect Plague can be blocked by heavy smoke or fire (though not dissipated). A Fireball or similar spell clears the insects away from the blast area for one round. A strong wind that covers the entire plague area will disperse the insects and end the spell. It can also be removed with a dispel/remove magic.


Creeping doom can also be cleared out by assorted area of effect spells, or a dispel/remove magic.


There are also both wizard and priest Protection from Insects spells available.


A physical mirror or fireshield spells spell should also be effective if implemented the way the BGII version is.

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Ah, I couldn't remember if the BG2 version of physical mirror reflected melee attacks as well as missile attacks.


I'm not sure if fireshield protecting against the insect spells would be any more overpowered than any other protective spell is against any other magical attack. Currently, I believe that dispel/remove magic is your only recourse if a party member is affected with one of the insect spells (and I'm not sure if dispel magic works either).

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Dispel magic should work, if you have anyone to cast it. I had Edwin with a dispel on self in his contingency (50% HP condition) & that removed the insects cast by those in the druid grove. Also worth having "resist fear" on party members - if not they tend to go yellow & run around whilst the insects are chewing them up.

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One of the mods that changes spells (I think the ADpack, in this case?) makes a tweak to the insect summon spells that I think is a good idea, further along the line of Demivrgvs's change: it removes the automatic spellcasting failure altogether, but leaves the damage. So lots of spells still fail, esp with the higher level versions of the spell, but not with total certainty.


Maybe we need a new protection spell: DEET? just kidding

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