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Not everything that shines is gold...

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I'll balance things out so after praising I need to complain! (cos I'm inconsiderate and want everything for nothing :p )


I was very sad to see the Solaufein encounter was so... uhm... I dont know... I was expecting solaufein to be more... uhm... active than... uhm... that. :p It was like a mortuary! heheh. Where was the fire, and some more feeling... FAKE IT SOLAUF. :)


Well, truthfully I was expecting some more connection between CHARNAME and Solaufein, but the dude was like a block of ice. ... I guess I could understand he didnt like to be pimped, and yes, its cool that he didnt act like such a sport like Talak, but I assumed that CHARNAME and Soulauf could have something more... t_t I like the relationship ( :) ) between Hendak and CHARNAME (now that's a grateful and adorable man! ;)), couldnt Solauf have the same behaivior?


How about an encounter with Solauf AFTER you leave Ust Natha? Like "thanks for everything, CHARNAME, lets have some intimacy" or something?


I was soooo looking forward for this encounter... I like Solaufein (not the Solaufein romance Solaufein, thats heretic ;) ) and I think he had a lot of material to make the encounter way more interesting and maybe sentimental... :p


Soo... there's my opinion. :)

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RE Solaufein is mine.

Sorry it didn't work for you, but it's how I see this would happen. He stated in the original game once that he doesn't take any pleasures of whatever is offered in the lust chambers, and I don't see him jumping on CHARNAME at this point of the game.


Sure, at the point where she spared his life and he gives her the eggs a more emotional affair could be imagined, but then, he is drow, and of high status for a male, meaning he is well established within the drow society and the aspects of living that come along with it. I don't see him getting inflicted with wasteful and dangerous emotions at this point. I am not saying it couldn't work, I am only stating it is nothing that I could write, without making it cliche.


Everyone is free to write a Solaufein-PC hidden romance as an optional RE component. I'll surely try it out, no question!


EDIT: That's why the encounter is names "Solaufein in the lust chambers", and not "Solaufein's secretive desire" or something. :)

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Thanks for the reply, Jas!


And yes, I agree with you that at that point in the game, CHARNAME can't ask for more. I imagine anyone would be disgusted to be traded as a slave (except Talak B) ).


But now at least is clear why you didn't want to write something a bit more deep on the feeling/personality side :)


Cya :)

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