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modifying weapons profs for NPCs


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SCS really does make the game substantially more challenging. And therefore it seems very reasonable to me to offer an option to modify the NPCs' weapons profs to un-nerf the characters a bit from their Bioware profs. That is, to make the weapons profs for the NPCs customizeable.


You can do it via Shadowkeeper, of course. But it seems there is some risk of such editing causing crashes. At least in my experience I have noticed some fairly frequent crashes when I have modified NPCs profs.


IIRC, the mod 'Level One NPCs' offers an option to modify of the NPCs' weapons profs. Might be worth considering one day offering this in the SCS installation.


Then again if it is no less stable to do it via SK, it is easier to see what you're doing with SK than within a mod installation.

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Yeah, that's what I meant. Some wasted profs in a particular weapon that you know the character is never going to use was no big deal for the vanilla game. But when playing with SCS installed, improvement of the character's weapons profs selections can make a significant difference.


This is embarrassing. I must not have ever tried installing that feature of SCS. Looks like you've already addressed the issue if you have that in there. :)

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