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How does the Hexblade play?

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I'm wondering how viable the Hexblade will be, particularly in mid/late game? It seems from looking at him on paper that many of his spells will become redundant by the time he aquires them.

Has anybody taken this kit right through ToB? If so could you let me know how it went?


It may be that I've completely misread his ability and he'll be fine in the late game. I don't want some hideously overpowered char, but I certainly don't want to be dragging around a lame duck in the latter stages of the campaign.



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He shouldn't be game-breakingly good by a long shot, but I don't think he should be too weak. If we release v2 I'll probably overhaul his HLAs with more spells; at the moment he will probably play similar to a Fighter in ToB.

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