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Help needed: armor, katanas, and bastard swords from mods


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There still remains no good way to do the armor tweaks and 2H bastard swords/katanas on the fly, so the list of items to be patched is built manually. I went through some time back looking for armor and shields for the two armor tweaks, but by now the list is probably fairly dated (plus I never got a list from several of the mega-mods). I'd like help with generating lists of these items for the next Tweaks release, as I can not possibly track down every mod and item pack.


Specifically, I need the file name of any bastard sword or katana added by mods.


I also need armor and shields added by mods, along with its type (studded leather, buckler, splint, etc.). The current list that tweaks uses is from around the time of BG1 NPC v7 and included armor and shields (at the time) from these mods:

  • ashes of embers
  • bg1 npc v7
  • bgt-bp + dsotsc + sobh
  • cassius npc
  • dark ritual
  • deeper shadows of amn: red dragon grothgar component
  • desecration of souls
  • exenem's addon
  • fr-rov
  • fw item pack
  • improved asylum
  • item upgrade v32
  • mordan's xmas mod
  • munchmod
  • neh'taniel
  • planar sphere mod
  • quest pack
  • rogue rebalancing
  • ruad v19
  • shed's iron modder 5
  • song & silence
  • sp item pack
  • sp stuff
  • tgc v1.70
  • the magnificant magic shop
  • the unusual oddities shop
  • underrepresented items v2

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SCS (I/II) does this slightly confusingly... it adds the "excellent bastard sword", but it calls it "sw1h02" (and generates it on-the-fly from sw1h01), and it movesthe "+1 bastard sword" to "dw#swd01". (Add "_" as appropriate for TUTU). I assume that this will only cause problems if SCS is installed before BG2 Tweaks, but then that's fairly likely, I guess. (I tend to do it the other way around, but then I'm normally modifying SCS more often than I'm adjusting the Tweakpack options).

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I don't know what kind of armours these mods adds to the picture, but they do add some armours wich could be among these needed. Here's some modnames, perhaps you/others can tell more precisely what included and whats not: Setup_BG2SoA_v2.rar (adds Bg1 stuff to Jonnys dungeon including various armours), iiItems (adds various armours), BoM pack from SP, and perhaps Improved Anvil.


Did it help at all?

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I also need armor and shields added by mods, along with its type (studded leather, buckler, splint, etc.).


In RR v3.71 you have:


RR#BUC01.ITM - Kiel's Buckler (Buckler +1)

RR#BUC02.ITM - Buckler +1 (also present in TuTu and the BG1 portion of BGT)

RR#BUC03.ITM - Buckler +2 (also present in TuTu and the BG1 portion of BGT)

RR#BUC04.ITM - Buckler +3

RR#RWARD.ITM - Rogue's Ward (Buckler +2)

RR#GUARA.ITM - The Guardian (Medium Shield +2, non-metallic, usable by Druids)

RR#SHL01.ITM - Last Defense (Buckler +1, also present in TuTu and the BG1 portion of BGT)

RR#SHL02.ITM - Safeguard (Buckler +2, also present in TuTu and the BG1 portion of BGT)

RR#ABIH.ITM - Abishai Hide (Studded Leather Armor)

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Cheers, aVENGER. Are the following items no longer part of RR?


~buck01.itm~ // rogue rebalancing


sorry for interfering, but could you explain the problem with patching on the fly? Just curious.

For the katanas and bastard swords, it's really a matter of name space. For each sword, I have to create two extra items--there's no way to guarantee that the new file names won't conflict with an existing item if I try to use some naming algorithm. If I try to use some list of file names and just go through the list as I find swords, then the swords won't have the same resrefs from game to game, which is not something with which I'm happy.


For the armor it's a matter of they're not being clear-cut indicators in the file of armor types. It's difficult to distinguish a chain from an elven chain from a splint mail, and mods make this even more difficult. The same issue exists for shields as well.

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Mod: Chosen of Mystra Baldur's Gate 1 Item Upgrade Version 1.00

Game: Baldur's Gate 1 Tales of the Sword Coast



MAFORG07.ITM - Improved Chainmail +3, Chainmail +3: Mail of the Dead (Chainmail)

mapla001.itm - Duragons Plate +4 (Plate Armour)

MACLOC01.ITM - Mage Robe of Magic (Robe)



Mod: Chosen of Mystra Baldur's Gate Adventure Pack Version 1.06

Game: Baldur's Gate 1 Tales of the Sword Coast



cmleat5.itm - Nature's Divine (Leather Armour)

cmshld01.itm - Shield +3 (Kite/Tower/Body Shield)

ma1sw02.itm - Katana +3, El Tel'lerian (Katana, 2handed)

ma2sw02.itm - Large Katana +4, Toran El Desiade (Katana, 2handed)

machan01.itm - Splint Mail, Mystra's Armor (Splint Mail)

maclck01.itm - The Magister's Robe (maclck01.itm)

macmle01.itm - Woodland Armor (Leather Armour)

macmle02.itm - Studded Leather, Stormcloud (Studded Leather Armour)

maplat02.itm - Dwarven Mithril Plate (Plate Armour)

mashld01.itm - Large Mithril Shied +3 (Large Shield)

mplat01.itm - King's Plate Mail +5 (Plate Armour)




Note, that many of these items may be in slightly different categories such as full-plate, small shields, large shields, etc. I just gleaned these from reading through the .tra and .tp2 files for these mods.



More to come.

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Mod: Chosen of Mystra's Darkside of the Sword Coast Revision v 1.03

Game: Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast



leatds01.ITM - Armor of Thorns (Studded Leather Armour)

BRUEPLT1.ITM - Bruenor's Armor, Plate Mail +2 (Plate Armour)

BRUESHLD.ITM - Small Shield +1 (Small Shield)

sw1hds01.ITM - Champion Sword (Bastard Sword)

chands01.ITM - Chain Mail +2, Blessed Chain Mail (Chain Mail)

chands05.ITM - Sukien Holy Armor (Splint Mail Armour)

chands06.ITM - Elven Chainmail +1 (Elven Chain Mail)

platds01.ITM - Crystal Plate Mail (Plate Armour)

chands08.ITM - Crusaders Armor (Splint Mail Armour)

chands09.ITM - Chain Mail +3 (Chain Mail)

leatds02.ITM - CúChoinneach Personal Leather Armor +4 (Leather Armour)

leatds03.ITM - Thorfinn's Hide Armor (Hide Armour)

leatds04.ITM - Keiria Silverstring's Studded Leather Bard Armor +1 ("leather +1 protection and gives her the ability to cast spells while wearing it.")

platds03.ITM - Ferthgil's Dwarven Mithril Plate Battle Armor (Plate Armour)

platds04.ITM - Conchobhair Strongblade's Blessed Plate Mail Armor (Plate Armour

platds05.ITM - Plate Mail +3 : 'The Practical Defense (Plate Armour)

shldds01.ITM - CúChoinneach's Small Shield +3 "The Moon" (Small Shield)

leatds05.ITM - CúChoinneach Personal Leather Armor +4 (Leather Armour)

DRAGSLAY.ITM - Sword of Balduran (Bastard Sword)

DROWCHN2.ITM - Drow Adamantite Mesh Armor +2 (Drow Mesh Armour)

DROWCHN1.ITM - Drow Adamantite Mesh Armor +1 (Drow Mesh Armour)

DROWCHN3.ITM - Drow Adamantite Mesh Armor +3 (Drow Mesh Armour)

DROWPLT1.ITM - Drow Adamantite Plate Armor +3 (Drow Plate Armour)

DROWPLT2.ITM - Drow Adamantite Plate Armor +4 (Drow Plate Armour)

DROWPLT3.ITM - Drow Adamantite Plate Armor +5 (Drow Plate Armour)

DROWSHD1.ITM - Drow Adamantite Buckler +1 (Drow Buckler)

DROWSHD2.ITM - Drow Adamantite Buckler +2 (Drow Buckler)

DROWSHD3.ITM - Drow Adamantite Buckler +3 (Drow Buckler)

EBONPLT.ITM - Full plate armor +1: 'Ebon Plate (Full Plate Armour)

GNWML.ITM - Gnomish Workman's Leather +2 (Studded Leather Armour)

KATAN1.ITM - Katana +2 "Masamune" (Katana 2handed)

KATAN2.ITM - Katana +4, "Muramasa" (Katana 2handed)

KORIM.ITM - Splint Mail Armor +4 - Korim's Skin (Splint Mail Armour)

LEAT08A.ITM - Improved Shadow Armor (Shadow Studded Armour with +15% hide in shadows)

LEATA7.ITM - Studded Leather Armor +3 (Studded Leather Armour)

SHLD51.ITM - Small Shield +2 'Sun Shield' (Small Shield)

SHLD52.ITM - Medium Shield +2 [/i](Medium Shield)[/i]

SHLD53.ITM - Medium Shield +2 'Heart of the Dragon' (Medium Shield)

SHLD54.ITM - Large shield +2, +7 vs. missiles: 'The Wall' (Large Shield)

SLAYER1.ITM - Small Shield +2 (Small Shield)

SLAYER3.ITM - Jet'laya's Chainmail (Chain Mail Armour)

SW1H18.ITM - Sword of Balduran (Bastard Sword)

WARLKARM.ITM - Stormcloud "Kraken's Bane" (Leather Armour)

WLFLEAT.ITM - Wulfgar's Fur Armor (Leather Armour)

WULFHIDE.ITM - Wulfgar's Fur Armor (Leather Armour)

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Mod: The VAULT V5.01

Game: BG1: ToTSC, BGTutu (with ToTSC installed)



ECHAN01.itm - Elven Chainmail +2 (Elven Chainmail)

ECHAN02.itm - Underdark Mail +1 (Elven Chainmail)

LEATBAL.itm - Bala's Leather +4 (Hide Armour)

LEATBAR.itm - Barbarian Hide +1 (Hide Armour)

PLATWY.itm - Wyvern's Scale ("Fashioned from the hide of a dead wyvern, the armor is as cumbersome as scalemail but provides the protection of magical platemail")

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Mod: Ajoc's Minimod Weidu 1.6

Game: BG2



AGBLADEN.itm - Blade of the Night (Katana)



Mod: Amber v2.4

Game: BG2: ToB



m#asleat.itm - Apprentice Shadow Armor (Studded Leather Armour, +5% hide in shadows)

m#buck2.itm - Buckler +2, Thorard's Saucer (Buckler)




Mod: Ariena v1.0

Game: BG2



ararmor.itm - Ariena's Armor (Hide Armour)

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Cheers, aVENGER. Are the following items no longer part of RR?


~buck01.itm~ // rogue rebalancing


Most of them still are, but they have been renamed. As of v3.5, all files introduced by Rogue Rebalancing use the RR# prefix, so BUCK02.ITM is now RR#BUC02.ITM. :) As for CYLEAT.ITM it's now called RR#ABIH.ITM and its description and stats have been slightly changed from what they were back in v3.11.

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Mod: Improved Anvil v4.2

Game: BG2



S!plat01.itm - Enhanced Pride of the Legion +4 (Full Plate armor)

S!chan01.itm - Supreme Chain Mail +6 (Chain Mail Armour)

S!plat02.itm - Huskar Lord's Armor +5 (Full Plate Armour)

S!leat01.itm - Improved Human Flesh (Leather Armour)

S!leat02.itm - Spirit of the Night (Leather Armour)

S!leat03.itm - Improved Corthala Family Armor (As per Valygar's existing armour)

S!jan01.itm - Jansen Adventure Wear (Enhanced) (As per Jan Jansen's existing armour)

S!sw01.itm - Corthala Family True Blade +5 (Katana)

S!shld01.itm - Delryn Family Legacy +4 (As per Anomen's existing shield)

S!chan02.itm - Eternal Melody +5 (Chain Armour, can cast spells in it for bards)

S!shld02.itm - Supreme Shelter +6 (Tower Shield)

S!sw13.itm - Death of A Thousand Cuts +4 (Bastard Sword)

S!plat03.itm - Improved Ankheg Mail (As per improved Ankheg mail in Item Upgrade)

S!shld03.itm - Buckler +3 (Buckler)

sw1h51.itm - Celestial Fury +3 (Katana)

shld07.itm - Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles: 'Shield of the Falling Stars' (Large Shield)

shld23.itm - Fortress Shield +3 (As per the one in the game)

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Mod: Beyond the Law - Kova & Kiyone, SoA Release v1.30

Game: BG2



YoshKata.itm - Yoshimo's Katana +2 (Katana)

KiyoArm1.itm - Verdant Vigil (Scale Armour)

KiyoArm2.itm - Verdant Vigil +2 (Scale Armour)

KiyoArm3.itm - Verdant Vigil +4 (Scale Armour)




Mod: Nathaniel NPC Mod for BGII:SoA v3.1

Game: BG2



FHsw1.itm - Aplin-Fletcher Sword (Katana)




Mod: Yikari, a monk NPC by Shed VERSION 1.1

Game: BG2



sdnpcsw3.itm - Celestial Fury (Katana)

sdnpcsw4.itm - Celestial Fury +5 (Katana)

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