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Perl scripting on the Mac


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This is a long shot, but is there anyone out there who uses a Mac who knows how to compile a perl script into an executable?


Background: SCS II (forthcoming imminently) uses a perl program called "SSL" to compile its BAF files (i.e., the files that are in turn compiled into scripts by WEIDU). I do this for two reasons: to make it easier and quicker to write and modify a large set of complex scripts, and to allow the mod to modify its scripts according to which mod-created items you've got on your install. To make the second function work, I need to distribute an executable version of the SSL program with the mod. I can do this just fine for Windows but I have no idea how to do it (much less test it) on a Mac, and I'd very much appreciate any help.


It's not the end of the world if it can't be done - for the mac version I could always compile the scripts ahead of time and live with the fact that they won't be modified to include third-party items. But it would be nice to do it on both.

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Taking a wild guess, use this as your Perl code:



<insert code here>


then run as:

 AT_NOW ~chmod 755 path/to/file.pl~
 AT_NOW ~./path/to/file.pl parameter1 parameter2 ...~
 // code for Windows


This works for Linux, and I assume the same for Mac.

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