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Is there a reference to the scripting methods and triggers?


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I'm the type of person who always reads the complete manuals before doing anything, because I like to know what I can, and can't, do, before I proceed to the planning phase. There are lots of very useful tutorials flying about, but what I'm really looking for is a reference guide detailing the exact functions and parameters of the existing methods and triggers? The IDS files list names and parameters, but the function is not always obvious? If there is such a reference, I haven't found it...


Here's the type of question I'd like to answer by such a document:

(1) What's the difference between ForceSpell() and ReallyForceSpell()

(2) LevelGT() checks the level of a character's first class. That gives correct results, but for dual-classed characters, is most probably not what the script writer wants to know. Is there a method that checks the level of a dual-classed character's current class correctly?


I have a dozen of questions of this type, with more to come up as I'm planning a mod. So, a reference guide would be very helpful.

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The IESDP has moved homes a few times over its history.

To prevent people visting out of date URLs, please use the following URL for directing people to the IESDP (I own it, and I can pretty much guarentee it will always point to the current IESDP); iesdp.info


This is just a general note, the IESDP is not intending to move any time soon.

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