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I like the mod, and it seems we're thinking alike, DavidW=). I was going to make a an anticheese minimod with a bunch of components:


1. remove bonus merchans at all

2. revert cloak of mirroring back to not protecting from area effect spells (which is caused by bg2fixpack and I believe it's a bug)

3. prohibit stealing from fences

4. make effects of potions and scrolls not stack with themselves

5. raise Gaelan's fee


Since one of components is already covered by SCS2, I think that it would possibly be better to include others, too, instead of making a separate minimod. The "no stealing" component would better fit BG2tweaks, so I'm going to offer it there, but others are very suitable for SCS2, aren't they? So, what do you say? They are not ready yet, but it won't take long to finish.

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It's nice of you to offer, but I think you'd do better to release them as your own minimod. SCSII is quite big (and quite hard for me to keep track of!) as it is - I'd ideally rather keep it to content I wrote and know my way around well. Many thanks, though - it's kind.

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