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Yet another item restrictions question


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And here is it:


I would like my NPC to be able to use the items of another class in addition to those of her own class, without actually changing her class and kit.


I know I can change the item usage flags globally for a kit, and that would be no problem, since there are no NPCs of the kit my NPC has, and neither have I heard of anyone using this kit for a PC but me. But I would still prefer not do make a global change. I've found nothing that looks like it will work in the CRE structure, so maybe it can't be done, but I'd rather ask first before accepting that.


BTW: I also can't change her to dual-class, because then I can't add a kit to the second class, and the kit's important for the character concept - I've tried to hack this, but it doesn't work. I've also tried to tinker with the "original class" flags without actually making her a dual-class character but neither did that work.

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This is driving me crazy!!!!


My NPC uses a mage kit, but a thief animation, so I wanted to make a piece of personal armor, using the Shadow Dragon armor as a base because it sets the colors just like I want them. For testing purposes, I set all the usability flags, so that everyone should be able to use it, but I still can't wear it. I then proceeded to set the item category to "Robe", but neither did that work. What am I doing wrong?

(I made the item with DLTCEP and checked against possible mistakes with NearInfinity, and both report that the item should be usable by everyone)


Edit: If I use a robe as a base, set the animation to "Leather Armor" and change the BAM to the Shadow Dragon armor's, it will work as I want, but I can't see where usability is different between the first and the second item - there must be a parameter I have overlooked. Which one is it?

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Thanks. It also seems that I can't simply tell my NPC's kit to use two unusable flags by changing the entry in KITLIST.2DA. Is it really necessary to patch all the items I would like to be usable?


Adding new flags will just further restrict your npc :)

They are not 'usability flags', but 'unusability flags'.

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It could be the stat based restriction. The armor has a minimum strength of 6 set.

:) ...and you think I'd give my NPC a STR of 5 or less? Even though she's a mage?


The problem remains: if I make a robe to look like and function like an armor my mage can wear it, if I simply adjust the usability flags of an existing armor she can't, even though everything looks identical in DLTCEP. Since I have a solution I haven't followed this up, but it is very strange.

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