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SHS: Classic Adventures 0.42 released


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Spellhold Studios


Version 0.42 has now been released, and is possibly one of Classic Adventures' biggest updates, now including the infamous B3 module "Palace of the Silver Princess"! You can find out more information about the module itself on Wikipedia.


The CA team would like to thank Sanjana Baijnath (http://www.sanjanasart.com/) for all her help creating many new area maps with leahnkain.


Additions in version 0.42 include the Palace of the Silver Princess, new maps for Oakhurst and Saltmarsh, and four new NPCs - Aleigha, Catharandamus, Candella and Chaarna. Many fixes have also been applied to this update, including Rivian's dialogs and banters, improved gameplay, additions to the worldmap, new kits for Vildamyr and Blush and many minor bugs as requested on the forum.


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