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Strings completely fubared


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All right, I've followed Ghreyfain's tutorial, only with a more complex dialog file, and finally brought my NPC into the game. But everything text-related is completely mixed-up, her name appears as "punch dagger", and all dialogue entries are actually item descriptions instead of my strings.


I checked:


(1) NearInfinity shows the strings within the dialogue file correctly

(2) The strings appear in dialog.tlk.


I have absolutely no idea what went wrong here. One possible reason could be that this is a second installation of the game, which I start by starting bgmain.exe directly. But I also checked that the game reads the correct dialog.tlk. What can I do?

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The problem has gone away.... the details are a mystery, but here's what I did, just in case someone else has this problem:


I had installed my mod in a test folder, a copy of a clean install, not the heavily modded game installation where I'm playing. I thought maybe WeiDU uses some registry entries instead of looking for everything in the current folder, and it seems I was correct: I renamed my gaming folder and then renamed my test folder so that it matched the old game installation, and any registry entries would point to the test installion. Then I restored the override folder and dialog.tlk from a backup and re-installed my NPC. And now it works.


So this has been a problem with multiple installations. I guess I'll need to check that multi-install tool...

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