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0x100 umber hulk gaze (iwd2)


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Another aura-like effect (like cloak of fear/beholder dispel magic/etc)


This effect spreads confusion effects to any opponents of the originally affected creature. The affected creature (normally an umberhulk) doesn't have to 'make efforts' to spread the effect, this is just a kind of aura.

The aura effect is always permanent, and gets triggered every 7 seconds.

Parameter1 is the duration of the spawned confusion effects.

The confusion on the victims won't stack, because this effect also tacks an immunity effect on the confused targets, thus making them resisting further effects for the duration.


I didn't see anything that prevents confusion when the umber hulk is invisible, held or otherwise disabled. If the umber hulk is dead, however, the effect is removed.




heh, i just see i already posted about this effect. Please read both, and merge the info.

The old post didn't mention that this is an aura style effect, so you have to apply it on the offending creature.

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