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Umar Hills Unavailable

Guest Truper

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I recently experienced the bizarre slowdown caused by the Shapeshifter Paws Undispellable component (or something close to that) that occured with fixpack version 3. I uninstalled it, and have now installed version 4. This has apparently caused a new problem.


I went to the Government District and spoke with Delon to get the Umar Hills quest. The conversation occured as usual, and Umar Hills appears on my world map, but it is greyed out, and I cannot travel there. This did not happen with Fixpack version 3 installed.


TOB, patched, WinXP, Fixpack version 4 only mod installed.

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Oh, and btw, it has always struck me as a minor bug that poor Delon stands wherever he was when you've finished talking to him for the rest of the game. Having accomplished his mission, shouldn't the poor boy get to go home?

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Ah. Pardon me, the problem was not with the fixpack at all, but the peculiar way I'd loaded my save games. I did go back to a save from before I had been to the city gates, so of course I could not get to Umar Hills. I didn't realize that was the problem, as both D'Arnise Keep and Windspear Hills appeared on my map in blue, as if I could have travelled there.

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