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Crossmod question

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First, I would like to say that I've enjoyed this mod-there were some definite stifled giggles on my end of things.


However, I am thinking about incorporating reactions to RE with Darian, my mod npc in progress at SHS. What I am thinking about is adding an affair counter that could be incorporated into Darian's coding, not RE's, that increases with each affair Charname has. However, in order to do this, I would appreciate someone posting or sending me the variables for each affair.


These rough plans would not affect RE at all-it would consist of him ignoring the first two affairs, giving Charname a stern warning after the third, and breaking the romance at the fourth (he is tolerant of Charname straying, but will take measures if she makes a habit of sleeping around).


Again, this is only a rough idea of reactions to RE from my own mod, and thought it would be a wise idea to check with y'all before going ahead with anything.

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Everyone that contributed to Romantic Encounters did so with the clear understanding that modders would be free to use certain RE variables without let or hindrance. That means that you can do what you want with them.


The variables available for crossmod content are


Global("RE_NPCnameFlirt","GLOBAL",1) for flirting with the NPC

Global("RE_NPCnameSex","GLOBAL",1) for sex with the NPC


Please note that the Laran encounter has two opportunities for sex, so you will want to include checks for both.


You can check the Romantic Encounters readme for the exact variable names for each encounter. They're listed precisely to allow modders the opportunity to write reactions for their own NPCs.


I do not have any objection to incrementing your own variable each time the PC accepts an offer, but it is up to you to keep it real. In other words, all the encounters have "easy outs" built in, so that the PC could refuse sex at any time. So just because the PC disappeared with eligible NPCs does not necessarily mean they had sex. Would your NPC know that, or would he just react to the PC leaving with the NPC? That's up to you to decide.


But whatever you do, you don't need to ask our permission.

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