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Will the original IWD2 still be playable?

Guest Roshan

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I just wanted to ask a few questions :(


1. Will this convertor leave the original IWD2 playable?

2. Will IWD1tutu characters and IWD2 characters be compatible? For example, would I be able to import an IWD1tutu character into a regular Icewind Dale 2 campaign?

3. Any plans to modify the game in any way such as by adding new spells, items, or feats?

4. What sort of challenges can we expect the 3e ruleset to add to the original IWD1? Will monsters now use new feats, tactics or abilities?




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I'm going to try to ansver things as far as my limited knowledge of this goes, then Fred can clean up the mess afterwards :)


1: Judging from how BG1tutu and IWG2 did this, I'd say no. bg1tutu overided entire game in all effects. IWG2 for some reason refused to change start map so you startedin targos, and could be teleported out from there, but never managed to get past that one map, then the game crashed.


2: They should be the exactlly same thing, Both beeing characters generated in IWD2 engine. Naturally copying one over to the other (either having two separate installs, or uninstalling/installing iwd1tutu etc) should probablly lead in "working" but lacking items and spells etc that are not the same in the two of them, this occationally might crash the gameusing this character, but commonly not.


3: From what Fred has been talking about thus far, nope. Step 1 getting iwd1 converted into iwd2 (and roughly playable). Step 2: We'll see when he gets there :p


4: All monsters will ahve to be converted, so they should at least get assigned skills and feats etc, if they use them or not is something else entirelly. Might be a project best of for some sort of "patch" mod for the convertion as there is some talk about. Same with monster strategies etc.


Well, if I said anything wrong, I'm fairly certain Fred will come and correct in a few days time.

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Sorry to be gone for a while there.


Yes, I think Cewander has it right. You can always install IWD2 in two locations, but that would be about it.


I highly recommend copying the Override folder, CHITEN.KEY and Dialog.tlk before installation. Then you can swap between the original version of these files and the version that you have IWD1Tutu installed into. That's one way to do it, but I'd only recommend it for advanced users ;)



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Guest Tiefling Fan

One thing I'm confused about the overriding part...


Will it be like the BGITuTu installation and copying the original IWDII Game into another directory THEN override it with IWDI stuff?


Or just have to convert the currently installed IWDII game?


Or maybe I'm just worrying too much?

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