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Adding new state icons and mod compatibility problems


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I'd like to add two new state icons to the game, and I've run into these problems and questions:


(1) Some mods I have installed in my multi-mega-mod game do this (BG2 Fixpack, Refinements, and the RPG Dungeon Kitpack), but they've all done it by overwriting STATE.BAM, so I guess a new state icon can't be patched in by WeiDU. Is that correct?

(I've looked into this, but the BAM structure is rather complex, and I don't know WeiDU well enough yet for an informed opinion)


(2) Unfortunately, Refinements uses up all the unused icon slots in STATES.BAM. So, I cannot add new ones if Refinements is installed. I'm thinking of using Refinements' STATE.BAM, change the two icons used by the Sword Angel kit to my versions and accept that my mod will conflict with the Sword Angel kit. Is there a better solution?


(3) What's the difference between STATES.BAM and STATES2.BAM. Do I need both? They seem to contain the same data...


(4) Having looked into this, I discovered that there is a mod conflict between the RPG Dungeon Kitpack and Refinements. Both overwrite STATES.BAM, and 4 of the state icon slots unused by the unmodded game are used by both mods for different purposes. Just in case someone maintains a mod conflict list and this isn't in it yet....

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