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Proof reader wanted


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Does anybody have time and interest to proofread an English translation of a small mod for BG2?


It makes Drizzt joinable during the encounter after leaving the Underdark, and contains an additional quest and various interjections by Drizzt during SoA and ToB. Created by Octavian on Rosenranken.de it was only available in German before, now I translated it into English.


There are 26 tra's, but most of them are rather small and have only a few lines. It would be great if somebody would agree to do this, so if you're interested, please contact me via PM!


Thanks in advance! :(

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Please consider me ready, willing, and able to assist with any editing of text for American English, at any time. I knows how to write real good *LOL* Seriously, though, I've spent years editing and proofreading text of various sorts professionally and personally. I'm also nearly fluent in French, in case that's ever relevant.


Happy gaming,



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