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dialog.tlk screwed up?


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I recently had to start from a fresh because I think that DLTCEP did something to my dialog.tlk when editting a helm.

My question: can the use of DLTCEP cause troubles such as placing items in locations where they shouldn't be, like putting a chainmail +2 instead of the longsword Namarra?



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Yes, indeed, it most certainly can. DLTCEP is a wonderfully useful tool, but it can cause the creature corruption you describe.


Once, I had a quest spawn who could not move because he suddenly found himself with 10 suits of plate mail in his inventory, a warhammer in his quiver, 999 onyx rings in his cloak slot, and a potion in his helmet slot, after installation. Oddly enough, this didn't crash the game.


DLTCEP does prompt to make sure you've got a backup dialog.tlk before any string editing, unless I'm mistaken.

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I don't think so, no. You're better off resorting to a clean backup.


I believe you are actually seeing two separate things: creature corruption, which changes the items around and can happen even without changing strings, and dialog.tlk corruption, which happened with the botched shield string editing.


You can fix the latter with your dialog.tlk backup, but for the former,,, you might need to do your install over, if it's a BioWare CRE, or reinstall the mods that have affected CRE's. Sorry. :(

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Yes I was afraid so - but it's ok, I'm having the chance to put RE and Dungeon Crawl in a better position.


Come to think of it wouldn't every item be messed up? ie strange stuff at the shopkeepers? The only item so far not in the right position is Namarra.

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Not necessarily! You may find that it's limited to only items on the CRE's you edited, or only specific items, or only items associated with the CRE's of one mod. Strange, but that's the way of it, sometimes.


But it's good you're looking at is a chance to optimize your installation!

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