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The Bard's Inn Opens It's Doors!


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What is the Bard's Inn?

The Bard's Inn is a group of RPG fans who wish to share their musical, voicing, and synthesizing talents by making custom sounds for your modding projects.


I want to do voicing, etc. How do I join?

We're having a massive recruiting drive right now. Just float over to our forums and post saying what you want to do.


Is anyone accepted?

Yep. We leave it up to the modder who wants the sounds done whether your work will be suitable for his/her project or not.


What sort of things does the Bard's Inn do?

-Custom Voicing jobs

-Musical composing and performance

-Custom Sound Effects (note that at present, this is not being done because nobody can do it)


What games will you work on projects for?

Any fantasy roleplaying game.


How do I apply for a project?

Cruise over to the forums and post a request. It may take a little while depending on the scope of your request (all our members do have real lives, after all).


Where are the forums?


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