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BG1: Oils and Potions


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Can any of you help me and tell me if:


- Potion of Fire, Cold, Electricity Resistance are supposed to set Reistance to 50% or add this bonus to an already present protection (and thus also if it is possible to raise this percentage)


- Potion of Agility and Insight would lower the attribue they modify if this is higher than 18


- Oil of Fiery Burning and Potion of Explosions have the same Range and Area of Effect of the Fireball spell (40 feet range, 30 feet AoE). If not, could you please tell me what the right values are?


For now that's all.


Thank you! :(

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forgive me for asking for more clarification but I started DLTCEP for the first time today and I run the setup. I would guess that those parameters I need to check are under "Extended Effects" after loading en item to edit?


In that case, I can't say I see any param1 or param2 anywhere.


I see a very clear value for range but how do I check the projectile for area of effect?


Thanks again! :(

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Well, uhm, i guess you need some read up on IESDP so you'll know the basic structure of the game files.


item/spell extended headers (there is no better term for those) got 2 parts.


1. the actual extended header.

2. the effect block, which contains effects to be applied, should the extended header hit the target (after thac0 for combat stuff, projectile immunities checked etc.)


The projectile name is visible in in the projectile combo box, if there is no resref written in capital, then the projectile has no associated .pro file, it is hardcoded, and you can only experiment with its range. If there is a capitalized resref written, like for the burning oil, it reads: FIREBALL.

So, you go to the projectile editor, open 'fireball', then go to the area extension. (somewhere middle bottom of the form).

There you will see something like this: 256 (30'), which means the actual field was set to 256, and it means 30'.


[edit] i forgot to mention, the item/spell effects for an extended header are listed on the bottom of the screen. You can get an overal view of them if you open the list of the combo box. The parameters are listed there (param1, param2, resource)

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