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Request for testers for the Luxley Family mod

Miss Sakaki

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The Luxley Family mod is ready for beta testing, and we need your help! Sebastian and Andrei Luxley are a pair of NPCs who have an extensive story arc spanning Shadows of Amn. We need testers who will go through the different options of their quest so we can make sure that we find bugs sooner rather than later. And, as always, we’d like any comments and criticism about the dialogue, both with the PC and with the Bioware NPCs.


Particular technical things that we'd like testers to look out for:

-The PC-Sebastian, PC-Andrei and Sebastian-Andrei talk scripts

-Timing of talks and quest events

-The new areas and scenery NPCs

-Combat difficulty


This portion of the mod is for SoA only, and at present it shouldn't require that Throne of Bhaal is installed. The download size is approximately 14MB.


If you'd like to get involved, please reply to this thread, PM me or Feuille here or at Spellhold Studios, or email me – you can find my address on my profile.


For more information about the Luxley Family NPC mod, see the mod overview on its forum.

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Now that I've got an install of BGII - SoA/ToB that behaves as it should *fingers crossed*, I'm interested in helping out. This particular mod looks interesting, and so I'd like to volunteer some playtesting services.


My gaming machine is a G4 Quicksilver Mac, running OS X 10.4.10 (the highest version of Tiger). CPU is a single 1.47GHz processor, and there's 1.25GB of RAM installed. Graphics card is an ATI RADEON 7200 (but my system recognizes it as a 7500, for some odd reason).


My previous installation of BGII was the only app that would crash on my system, and as I've mentioned, now I've got a better installation. Apparently, it's better to not include any patches!


Please let me know if you have room and desire for a Mac playtester, and advise me on how to proceed.


Thank you and best wishes,



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