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finished bg1(tutu) and can i find the save file to import to bg2? where could it be hiding? non tutu bg- no problem but i'm stuck, do i have to start again?

enjoyed the mods on bg, new life.

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Q: I've finished my Tutu game and I want to import my character into Baldur's Gate 2. How do I do this?


A: When you won the final battle in Tutu, a savegame folder called "000000002-Final-Save" was created in the "save" subfolder of your EasyTutu folder. Simply copy this "000000002-Final-Save" savegame folder from the EasyTutu "save" folder to the Baldur's Gate 2 "save" folder. Then, during character creation in Baldur's Gate 2, opt to import from a savegame, and select the "Final-Save" savegame you copied over.

Regular Tutu might be different... might be the same.
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