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Check install?

Guest Hanshan

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I recently reinstalled BG2 SOA on my new Dell Insipron E17805 dual core (2GB ram) with Vista operating system.


I then installed (in order below):

the BG2 patch

the G3 fixpack

then multiple mods, all from here

finally, the G3 Tweak Pack


My problem is the patch, fixpack, and tweak pack all seemed to install fine,


BUT when installing numerous of the Mods, Windows would run through the install and then say it may not have installed correctly and offered to reinstall with proper settings for system compatibilty.


The reinstall appeared to work properly. However, some mods and/or expected fixes to not seem to have installed (or are not working).


Is there a way to check the installs individually?


Many thanks for any help!!!

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