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CTD possibly involving SPStuff, Imoen Romance, and Sheena mods

Guest Eric P.

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On my G4 Quicksilver Mac running OS X 10.4.10, I play BGII - SoA/ToB (currently going through SoA) with the latest patches applied. I've installed the following mods:


NPCs: Amber, Auren, Azure, Fade, Kivan, Saerileth, Sheena, Solaufien.


Modpacks: BTL, Imoen Romance, MoinesseAvatars, SPStuff.


I play in multiplayer mode, but play by myself, so I can use some custom characters as well as game and mod NPCs. I haven't played with a party including more than two mod NPCs at the same time so far. I reached a point where clicking the Rest button would cause the screen to fade to black as normal, and I'd hear an electric zapping sound and the sound of something/someone falling to the ground, then I'd see the Loading Area screen. There would be no progress on the progress bars, and immediately the game would crash to desktop. This would happen no matter where on the map the party was, as I tried it in several indoor and outdoor locations.


Emptying the data directory inside the cache directory didn't help, so I uninstalled SPStuff and tried again. This didn't help either, so I then uninstalled Imoen Romance. After doing this, I tried the game again (and the crash happened the same way no matter what party/game I would load). I brought the party of one game, led by a ranger of my own creation (came from BG1 - ToSC and modified using an OS X character editor), to the ranger stronghold she had already secured. I clicked on Rest, and got the normal inn resting screen, then the party was good to go! No crash.


I continued playing, following the Firkraag quest, and got partway through his stronghold, when a cutscene I've never seen before appeared, involving/introducing Sheena (but my party hasn't met her yet). I was all prepared for another crash, but the cutscene finished, and I was returned to normal game play.


My conclusion is that either Imoen Romance is somehow to blame, or that Imoen Romance and SPStuff don't like each other...or that perhaps I had installed a mod in the wrong order.


It appears to me that NPC mods need to be installed after other kinds of mods, but I'm not sure about that, as I don't know much about the technical side of things. I wanted to share these experiences, in case others will find the information of value, and especially if anyone has any insights to add.


Happy gaming,



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