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Imoen shut up!


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Usually I don't mind Immy talking all the time, but I've run into some kind of bug where everytime I enter Beregast Immy keeps asking me if I'm okay. I've tried being nice. I've tried being mean. I've killed and resurrected her but she still asks if I'm okay. I got this talk back in FAI and it was fine, but now I can't do anything! I have a save game right before I go into the town so someone help me out?

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Got it. It's a spelling error in her script block. This will (already is, due to recoding) be fixed in the new version.


I guess you have no other choice than set




to shut off the talk.


If you want, you can set it to "2", and click talk Imoen's second friendship talk, but you'll have to set the variable to three to prevent looping of that dialogue afterwards.

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