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Yet another Immy Problem


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I could be wrong, but I think the problem was that stuff you identified in the trigger order for LeaveParty/JoinParty, etc. - I would have to glance at code again - could be wrong. We fixed that stuff, using the ActionOverride() syntax.

When in doubt, though, follow Jastey - my brain right now is mush!


Another solution is the Happy patch or similar.

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Ah! Here's another issue, while its not a problem it kinda does leave things to be desired for. :love:


When dual-classing Imoen into a mage, there is no more talk about her little magic tricks and their misadventures. Even a inexperienced mage would still stuff up as badly as she does so it does kinda leave things a bit adrift. :(


In fact I think that also cuts a lot of her dialog outta the game too if the class change happens before most of it. (very likely) :)


I'm currently still on BG1NPC-v12Beta3, so yeah just wondering if this is going to be addressed sometime in the future or so.


It can be a bit of a problem when it comes to Imoen's dialogs so yeah, just a nitpick I thought I'd bring up here. :love:

Doesn't affect the game, gameplay wise or anything, just consistency.

Is kinda creepy when half way through her expermiments with magic and all of a sudden bam! no more talk about it. ;)

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