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Kits and armour restrictions


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I've searched the IEDSP and haven't been able to find this information, but I may have missed it. Is there any sort of listing of what each kit/class is restricted/allowed for different armour and weapon types prior to any modding?


Similarily, is there any sort of listing of what the different class types entail as far as usable buttons? For example off the top of my head, a Cleric/Mage has 2 quickweapon slots, a divine magic menu, arcane magic menu, Turn Undead, 3 quickitem slots, X quickspell slots, and a special ability menu. A thief has Y quickweapon slots, Detect Traps, Disarm Traps/Pickpocket, 3 quick item slots, etc.

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I've used this for the first part. It might just repeat whats in the manual, though it might go a bit beyond that.


For the second part, I'm not sure if there's something online. There's a section in the manual though - pp 15-16 of the BG1 Manual (seem to have misplaced my BG2 manual but it's probably in there too).

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