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Typos for v2


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When playing v2 I found two minor things...


Sheri the Bardess: "You racking your brain..."


I think this is supposed to be, "You keep wracking your brain..."


Guildmistress Busya: "...spend some in town to recover..."


I think this is supposed to be "...spend some time in town to recover..."

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I'm still playing through the earlier version as I haven't had much time to play and have only just got to TOB. I did a search and couldn't find the following typos mentioned so I thought I'd put them here just in case they slipped through to version 2.


Laran (in Saradush TOB and during the initial greetings)


Laran - My lady, somehow, you are even more fair than when last spoke.


'when we last spoke' or 'when last we spoke' (?)


Also in the Anomen/Laran conflict (post sleeping with Laran in Saradush and with the PC saying she will allow him to court her)


Sir Anomen - God's blood, boy, your "manhood" is not the point! I do not doubt you serve your god with distinction. But you prove my point. You equate serve of Torm with service of (charname).




BTW, I really liked the way berelinde handled this conflict. It was respectful of the characters and gave many options for the PC to intervene. I loved the way she portrayed Anomen in it. (I found myself feeling quite proud of him)

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