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Translators' thread


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I uploaded all the TRA files here:


TRAs for V1 of IWD2NPC


Please, feel free to announce which translation you'll be doing here. I definetly hope that there will be more than one person translating the set. It is 18,000 lines, which is not the biggest mod out there, of course, but still pretty heavy on anyone.


Thanks for your interest, and I hope that IWD2NPC will eventually be seen and heard in other languages.


If possible, you might want to leave PID.tra for later, because it will be the only file amended when I'll add Diriel's romance (though a couple of new files will also come).

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I don't think anyone started it yet; Couronne de Cuivre used to do the French translations, but the site seemed to have been re-orgnized, and I can't see the translator's guild there anymore. So I just don't know. Maybe someone will come along to take the lead on the French translation and you can help him/her out. ;)

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P#HILDB line 17 should read:


@17 = ~However tempting, our leader disallowed my eliminating the racially inferior party members.~


(ie replace Charname to 'our leader'.)


Just out of curiosity as the past has taught me well about the limits of my spare time:


'Our leader' would have two slightly different words depending on the gender of the protagonist: for example Anführer (male) Anführerin (female)


Is this handled in the context at all and, if yes, what is the notation for it?

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I think you can do the following:


@17 = ~The line with male gender.~ ~The line with female gender.~


That's if IWD2 has the DialogueF talk. I think TRAs are set up to acknowledge that the first line goes into the default, male talk, and the second - in the female talk. However, IWD2 being an IWD2, I am not sure if it has one. :) The genderless approach would be the best I think, unless it's certain that F talk works and is attached to the Player 1 (ie recast the sentence to something like "but I was disallowed to eliminate...")

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