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Translators' thread


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I added a few extra lines to




@666 = ~Drow also kill without mercy and regard for anything we, surfacers, hold dear. Rizdaer, you cannot teach me one without another, so thank you for your offer, but I must refuse.~

@667 = ~Drow ways cannot be made 'safe'. They corrupt, and I do not want to be corrupted.~

@668 = ~Do you think I am naive enough to believe that it's where it would stop? The drow way starts with rejecting the most basic moral standard, and I am afraid to even guess where it might lead me. I do not want to turn into a calculating killer, no matter how much I love you.~

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Hallo Jazhara7,


if you wish to help us with the translation, this would be great. I speak with Caillean about this, but I think she would be glad too.






I'd love to help. I went to an International School with English as the language of conduct, so my English should be up to par, and my father often makes me correct and translate the product descriptions he is sent by a company, because their translators did an awful job of it (the original descriptions are French. I usually get an English translation done by the French guys. Sometimes it's a German translation by the French guys, but mostly it is English. But in both cases, while readeable and grammatically correct, the texts are awful to read. Why? Because apparently the French "translators" [i severely doubt they are professional translators, or else they'd know better.] don't realise you can't phrase things in English or German as you do in French. It's too...flowery.)


Just contact me by PM (I check those daily), and I don't really like to use my email (but I can send you my email adress through PM too, just in case. I just check PM the forums more regularly than my email, most of the time, unless I'm expecting a specific one.).



- :help::);):bday::bday::beer::beer:

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Hi Domi,


I have a question to the translation. In the TRA P#WINDB @315 is the word "lewdster" in a sentence. I cannot find a german translation for this word. My question is: has this word something to do with "lewd"? I think this is so, but I am not sure.



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