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Bugs for v2


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Post them here, please.


Current list:

- Weights in Logan's dialogue.

- Hendak: Windows version checks for Rep>11, but Mac version still checks for alignment.

- Ada's bodyguard remains in the area.


- Ilona's component: ARRE03 should be copied, too.

- Check Eldoth's soundset(may need cleaning). Check if I messed up somewhere else.

(above issues should be fixed in local copy)


- BUG: Check that Aimi and Ilona don't turn up in the same room.

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Guest Pain Elemental

Made a quick jump from the usual SHS visits for a minor, but interesting change in the encounter which I had with Lord Logan. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, because I didn't see the Bugs for v1 topic.


I was happily talking to him and I got him as far as meeting me in the evening.

His last lines were something like "Until this evening, my lady"


Now , I realized that I forgot to do the Dueling Families of Trademeet quest, so I grab the key from Alibakker and run to the crypt. Lord Logan stopped me, but instead of his usual talk, he said "Until this evening, my lady". :)


So, I couldn't finish the quest. It was easily solved by doing the quest first and talk to Lord Logan later, but I thought I'd mention it, just to be on the save side.

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Guest Pain Elemental
EDIT: Ah, I realized what you mean. Yes, will be fixed for the next version; thank you for reporting.


Your wish is my command.

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Yep, it's true, but it's totally harmless - all it does is move Ada's bodyguards around the room.


We seem not to get it right, since there're two exact .cre's, and even giving them death variables doesn't cut it. Don't mind it - we might think of something pretty for the next version, but you'll be fine anyway, whether with party or not. Word.

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First let me say I love the mod. Laran, Bjornin and Renal have to be the favorites, so far.


This may not technically be a bug, but I thought it was a funny quirk nonetheless and wanted to share it with you. Anomen became green with envy after my PC got lucky with Yoshimo... literally. Anomen had green hair and skin after that rest. Didn't stop the game or anything, so no problem.

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Guest kovarex

I got this error in the component

~RE/SETUP-RE.TP2~ #0 #25 // Laran's Promise, by berelinde (adult content)


ROR: error compiling [RE/Laran/Script/RE_Lar3.baf]: Sys_error("RE/Laran/Script/RE_Lar3.baf: No such file or directory")
ERROR: compiling [RE/Laran/Script/RE_Lar3.baf]!

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