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Ust'Natha Tavern and the Amber/Viconia talk (spoiler)


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Here's something I found a little jarring in chapter 5: After the rest in the tavern in Ust'Natha (great, BTW!), Viconia and Amber have a little talk about it, and Amber ends up saying she "can't wait to be rid of this wretched form". This sounds somewhat incongruous with what happened immediately before - it couldn't have been *that* unpleasant, could it? I suggest putting it somewhat differently, making it clear that it doesn't refer so much to the appearance as such (after all, most drow *are* physically beautiful).

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Ah I remember that dialog. ;)


I think the core difference here is that Amber is actually intending to insult Viconia, and also voice her own dislike for the Drow for obvious reasons. Whereas the other dialog you're referring to is a compliment to the PC or PC2, in which case is understandable since there is a bond between the two.


Regardless she still does say her disdain for the form the party is under and is nonetheless, ever hopeful to not remain in it for long.


It isn't really to do about physical appearance from the way I see it. Anyways I can't really answer this one better than this, so I'll just say its all a matter of perspective, and not to mention that dialog with Viconia can happen at nearly any point after the Drow transformation.


(now if we could only fix those annoying stops the party makes as drow)


Edit: Odd, I managed to get it once before the Tavern talk with Amber and the PC. Must've been a bug.

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I had actually considered this interpretation before I wrote my post - the scene doesn't feel like that to me. Of course, I didn't know this Amber/Viconia could happen at any time after the transformation, I thought it was linked to the tavern scene. And immediately after that, it didn't ring true. Only my perspective ;)

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Yes, she lies to Viconia. I don't think that she considered that the PC could be overhearing. However, that banter between Amber and Viconia is linked to the dialog that occurs when you rest in the tavern. It should always take place in the 'morning' after that.


Thanks for the feedback, Ieldra.

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