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To Do for version 3


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Since I was tied up at the time with about a million other projects, version 2 was just bugfixes. The content expanding stuff will be for version 3, which is underway now (since I'm no longer involved with the other projects).

  • Expand some of the sketchier friendship talks.

  • Additional friendship talks.

  • Gavin should be more forthcoming about his family life.

  • Gavin should interact with more people in Ulgoth's Beard.


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Made tremendous progress today with some of the areas where BG1 Gavin was lacking. In a blinding writing frenzy, I wrote and coded three of the six additional friendship talks, so we're well on our way to having a much more satisfying friendship track for BG1.


Also, while testing interjections for BG1 NPC, I was struck by the abnormality of how Gavin doesn't seem to know anyone in his own hometown. Now he'll have interactions with Calahan, Dushai, Hurgan Stoneblade, Shandalar, and Therella.

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