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Weapon proficiencies - where in the .CRE in BG2 engine?


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After trying to pull some creatures from BG1 to BG2, my memory is failing me in that I cannot remember what the best way to apply weapon proficiencies to them is. In BG2 they're not stored in the .CRE file, are they, but applied as effects?


I was looking at Tutu for some hints but can't see them in there--so I don't know whether that means I am looking for them in the wrong place, the original BG1 creatures didn't have them or Tutu is neglecting to apply them.


(It isn't crucial, as the encounter will probably be non-combat, but I thought it important to address anyway.)

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If you don't want to read through all that: just use the BG proficiencies. They affect weapons by category, and you should easily be able to figure out which proficiencies correspond to which item categories (daggers and small swords for the small swords prof, halberds and spears for the spear prof, etc.). Nobody in SoA uses new-style proficiencies, so you'll fit right in!


If you want weapon style proficiencies, then you need to use effects. But you should be able to just fake most of those bonuses anyway without even worrying about code to add a bunch of effects to your CREs.

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