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Bug report: Imoen does not receive her kit in Tutu

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In NPCKit.tp2:

EXTEND_BOTTOM ~_imoen2.bcs~ ~NPCKit/baf/adventurer.baf~

In fact, _imoen2.bcs doesn't exist in a Tutu install and ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME should check for _imoen.bcs instead.


In addition, this code:

COPY ~NPCKit/spl/title.spl~ ~override/ikitimo1.spl~
 SAY 0x9e @140004

will call Imoen a Mage/Aventurer, even if she isn't dual classed. There should be a check to make sure that is the case, but my mad mod skilz being non-existant, I'll have to leave that one to someone else.

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Go figure; I had the opposite problem. My Easytutu install DID have _imoen2.bcs as Imoen's override script; since the tp2's been changed now in the lastest version of NPCKits to append _imoen.bcs, it did not take effect for my install until I manually changed the tp2 to append _imoen2.bcs, reinstalled, and let the script run again for a new game....


I did have easytutuNPCkit installed (though I got rid of the swashbuckler kit for Imoen in lieu of the more fitting Adventurer kit); is it possible this or some other mod introduces _imoen2.bcs and makes it her default override script, whereas a plain Easytutu setup without the NPCkit mod wouldn't have such? I don't suppose anyone's got a fresh install of Easytutu getting started so they can look at their override contents and tell us.

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