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Portrait needed


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There are plenty of portrait sites out there, try those yet?


I've been doing a lot of portraits for my own games lately, and I've put them up on a free site. I'd be happy to help you out, just let me know what you need.


Here's my site so you can see some examples My Webpage


These aren't hand-drawn, but I start with a picture created by morphing two other photos, so they are originals.

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If you don't find anything and have NWN2, you can always play around a bit with the character creator to make a basic start portrait. Here is one I made up for Belerinde's Gavin:




If you like that sort of stuff, you can give me a description of your char, and I can do the best I can to make a pic for you too. I kind of liked doing it, lol! ;)

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Hey, this NWN2 stuff is fun! ;)


I'd leave the portrait/music for later, though: for the time when the dialogue is written and everyone, including the author, knows the mod will get done. (Voice, however, is another issue - I'd definitely recommend to grab a good voice actor as soon as possible, if the opportunity presents itself). But that's just me.

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Not sure I agree with that completely. Yes, it isn't the most important thing. It isn't even in the top 10. But when you're writing an NPC, it really, really helps to have some idea what he looks like. Otherwise, you find yourself in the same position I did with Gavin: I knew exactly what he looked like, because he'd lived in my head for so long, but I knew I'd never find a portrait I completely liked for him because he never existed outside my head.

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Heh, I think it's good to have a starting portrait, even if it's going to change. Makes your CRE a bit more real. Well, I think. Voice actors though... heh, I'd prefer to hire the voice actor as the very last thing when all the texts are done, so s/he knows how many lines s/he has to do, and has the whole set to work on - there is less chance of him/her dissappearing. That is particulary important I think for SoA-ToB mods where most people still make ToB part as a separate release.

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(I wanted to do a female Thayvian halfling just because I had the voice for it, I remember).


The portrait is important, sure. It's just - I think worrying about portrait and stats and her hair color/neck length might detract from actually writing her personality. 'Sides, portraits are always uglier than our imagination - to me, at least. Well, Diriel is one exception. ;)

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Wow! Sorry it took me so long to see this stuff but, I've been

fighting the flu for days now ;) Anyway, that pic is HOT Domi!

And the ones on your site Amaurea......OMG! Purple is my favorite

color and well, elves are just sexy. I left you a comment on your site, PM me whenever, no rush. I would love to use your pic Domi if I may. I saw it and said....That's him! The bottom lip kinda I dunno, doesn't look right tho. Like he's pouting and wearing lipstick. ;)


No, the pic isn't important just yet but it is nice to have. The writing is coming along nicely, well was til I got sick. And yet, I still have my pen and paper by my kleenex!

The banters will be my downfall so, I can't say how long it will take to finish. I got another bump in the road when I remembered the Gorian/Wraith thing in TOB.

I hadn't planned on writing anything tragic for him but.....things happen. I chose a victim just have to write it when I get to it.

Anyway, I feel like I'm going to die to I'm outta here. Thank you all again for your

assistance with this.

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Agree. It is nice work.


What's refreshing, at least to me, is that the portraits have the feel of a real person. With no disrespect, portraits in the early life of BG and BG2, while nice, always left me feeling that for the most part they were comic-book style caricatures of, say an elven fighter or a Conan-style barbarian. Similarly for the portraits I've seen produced using NWN tools, those seem to be too stylized and in some cases looking "unfinished", i.e., you can see planes in the person's face rather than a more "natural"?? curved look to the face. I have used them for various pc portraits but always wanted something more real and solid and expressive of what I thought my charname would look like :thumbsup:

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