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Slow downs when running IWD2

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Hi, great mod, didn't even know IDII had a modding community. I'm a BGII fan myself, and I just started playing IDII. Well, I'm currently trying out this mod, and really liking it in the process, except for one small thing.. is i my imagination or does this mod cause load times to be much longer?


Hope I could help.

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" is i my imagination or does this mod cause load times to be much longer?"

My game was, in general a lot more laggy with the installation of this mod.

But, I think I've found at least a partial solution. Try increasing your cache to about 500. I've found it helps quite a lot.

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Hi all, the slow-loading-guy here.. thought I might as well register, just wanted to say hi. Probably picked the wrong topic and very likely goes against standard forum etiquette but hey, that's an accurate description of my view on life ;)

Seriously, good to be here, and it's suffice to say for now that my name is Gert Jan and I'm from the Netherlands.


You'll hear from me ;)

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Just for information and comparison:


I am experiencing heavy lags with my PC, too (P-IV 1.8 MHz, 512 MB SDRAM, 64 MB GeForce 3 - bought Nov. 2001). Mostly during character import, savegame loading and dialogs.

On another PC (P-IV 3.0 MHz, 512 DDRRAM, 128 MB Radeon 9800 - bought Nov. 2003) the lags are almost negligible.


Anyway, I love this mod!

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I've experienced the same thing. Importing each character took a long time and once the game started there were delays every time I did anything (it was kind of neat to see the world stop spinning as I moved my mouse). The computer I installed it on is an old Win98 machine without much power (it lives only to run Infinity Engine games, Hoyle's Euchre, and High Heat Baseball 2003)


I'll try increasing the cache (thanks for the tip!), but if that doesn't work I'll try installing it on my (slightly) more modern XP machine.


On a side note – while I’ve been aware of this mod since it appeared, I never really looked at it in detail until this week. This thing is incredible! That’s a very interesting group of characters you’ve created (though it looks like I’ll need to wait for the next release to take Peony along). For the first time since my initial slog through the ford I'm really excited to play IWD2! :laugh:

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I don't think there is anything wrong with Peony. Jiriki's bug was the problem with the game's own cutscene, that resolved itself when he used the save on a different machine.


But yes, unfortunately, the mod is a pig resource-wise :laugh:

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I have a feeling it's the bloated DPLAYER3.bcs all along. You're sure that override scripts won't work? You said that earlier they did, up to a point they became too big, but size can be avoided. In IWD NPC they are very small: ten or eleven kb(+1-2 kb for each expansion), because I use two blocks: the first one is in _area_ script, and it sets a valuable(if NPC1 and NPC2 are in party, say), and the second block is in NPC's script, and it sets the banter. I think it may help.

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Yes, Overrides just stopped working when they reached a critical mass. I don't think that bringing area scripts into play will reduce the size enough to avoid the slow-downs on the low-end systems. Most of my scripts are the timers for banter and serial talks with the PC. I think it stays on D3.

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